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Importance of Fertility Planning and Research in Women


Aging of the woman is accompanied by the aging of all her bodily functions and with the reproductive function this is no different. The fertility female, that is, their ability to reproduce, over the years becomes smaller, so more mature women can have enough trouble getting pregnant. Therefore, even if it is not the current reality, it is necessary to plan for a future gestation.


With each menstrual cycle, an ovum becomes available for fertilization, decreasing the woman’s stock over time and, consequently, the chances of her raising a child naturally. But what you should know is that these chances can increase with specific care to be taken by these women.

Over the age of 35, all pregnancies are classified as “high risk,” meaning there is a greater risk of miscarriage, fetal malformations, and developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. But it is possible to get pregnant, with due planning, in a healthy way in this age group. The surrogacy in Chennai is a great option. However, if it is necessary to seek medical care before becoming pregnant, in order to receive all the appropriate guidelines to optimize your own health, fertility and the quality of future gestation. Options for promoting and preserving reproductive capacity, such as for couples who choose to become pregnant, may also be presented, it is possible to resort to some modern medicine techniques, such as the preservation of the frozen egg (at a later age) until the time when you really want to become pregnant.

The couple is considered infertile if after a year of frequent attempts cannot get pregnant. And if that happens, an investigation must be carried out so that the doctor and the couple discover the reason that is preventing them from having children.

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