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Causes and Treatment of Crooked Teeth

Causes and Treatment of Crooked Teeth

Crooked and misaligned teeth can cause functional as well as cosmetic problems. There are many causes of crooked and misaligned teeth growth. It often happens that adult teeth start to grow while baby teeth are still there. This causes the new teeth to be crooked. Sometimes, crooked teeth are caused by diseases like gingivitis or tumors of the jaw and mouth. In many cases, however, genes play an important part in the growth and alignment of your teeth. As your skin color, eye color, and height etc. are determined by your genes, size and shape of your teeth is also determined by the genes.

Causes and Treatment of Crooked Teeth

Cosmetic problems are not the only ones caused by misshaped teeth. They can cause many functional problems like underbites and overbites. Such functional problems cause difficulty in chewing, keeping teeth clean, and increase the risk of tooth diseases. It also makes people conscious about themselves.

While many people can tell if they are having any problem regarding their teeth, a dentist can examine the teeth and tell the patient if they should be concerned about the problem and if it needs treatment. An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating crooked and misaligned teeth.

X-ray is a very useful test to determine the treatment of crooked teeth. There are special x-rays that take the x-ray of the whole jaw including teeth roots. This helps the orthodontist to see the relationship between the teeth and recommend a better solution.

Once your problems have been diagnosed, your dentist will suggest the treatment. Removable retainers are often used to stabilize the position of teeth. For most people, braces are recommended to realign teeth. In some cases, the doctor might recommend removing one or more teeth to correct the overlapping and alignment of the teeth. In rare cases, surgery might be required to correct the shape of jaws and crooked teeth.

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