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3 Ways Havening Can Help Manage Stress and Emotional Difficulties

Manage Stress
Manage Stress

What is Havening?

Havening is a calming methodology created by psychologist Dr. Ronald Ruden that employs gentle physical cues to alleviate distressing feelings and tension in the body. 

Through targeted tactile stimulation, havening aims to help individuals access an innate self-soothing response to reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotional states.

It works by activating the body’s natural relaxation response. Havening UK practitioners help clients manage stress through this evidence-based method.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

One of the main ways havening can help is by significantly reducing stress and anxiety levels. When we experience stressful or traumatic events, our nervous system becomes overloaded which leads to us feeling on edge, overwhelmed and unable to properly manage our emotions.

Havening works to discharge and manage stress held in the body so our nervous system can return to a calm state. This allows us to better cope with daily stressors and difficult feelings.

Improves Mood and Wellbeing

As well as lowering stress, regular havening sessions have been shown to lift mood and leave clients feeling more positive and relaxed. By releasing emotional tensions, havening makes space for healthier emotions to emerge, such as feelings of safety, calm, and joy. 

This boost to wellbeing means we are better equipped to face life’s challenges without being overwhelmed.

Addresses Trauma and Past Difficulties

For those dealing with trauma, unresolved grief, or other emotional difficulties from the past, havening provides an effective way to process these experiences. 

By stimulating the body’s relaxation response, havening helps integrate traumatic memories so they no longer control our emotions and behaviors. This allows past problems to no longer interfere with the present, reducing symptoms like flashbacks, nightmares or relationship issues.


How long do havening sessions last?

Most havening sessions last 60-90 minutes.

Can havening help with anxiety? 

Yes, reducing stress and anxiety is one of the main benefits of havening. It helps lower stress levels in the body which improves anxiety management.

In conclusion, havening is emerging as an effective complementary therapy for managing stress and difficult emotions. By helping discharge tension from the body on a physiological level, regular havening sessions can provide lasting benefits to both mental wellbeing and physical health. For anyone struggling with stress, anxiety, trauma or unresolved issues from their past, connecting with a qualified havening practitioner in the UK could be highly worthwhile.